Monday, January 26, 2009

New Notebook Pages

First up, the Papaver flower. Of course, Papaver is just Latin for Poppy :) This is from a photo- I just love the way that the poppy petals are so frilly :)

Then I wanted to experiment with my (very cheap) acrylics. I didn't have any canvas around, I did what I was taught in school- I made acrylics into a watercolour- well at least STYLE wise I tried. Acrylics are not exactly transparent, so the technique was a little different- I had to get used to the fact that acrylics dont layer the same :) I was surprised at how well the paper held up to them, hopefully it will be OK.

After making some notes about my experiment, I wanted to eat the chocolate I picked up earlier in the day. First, however, I drew them. I just love Cadbury's creme eggs, I just wish they didn't make them smaller each year!

My favourites are the caramel ones- I love caramel!
P.S. All post pictures today are photos- the scanner is offline for a bit :/


  1. Your drawings are wonderful. I especially like the poppy. And I am enjoying your new blog design, just spent some time poking around your homeschool blog too. Great stuff!
    Have you heard of this blog?
    I just discovered it the other day when searching 'nature study'. It looks like a great resource.

  2. I like the way the apple turned out. Experimenting is always fun. We can do a knew diet of having to draw our food and treats before eating. Perhaps we would not want to eat them when we are done, not!;-)


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