Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Updates and More Drawing

OK So school hasn't been going so well this week. I would have said it was the full moon, but that was LAST week. This week, for some reason, it has been uphill battles ALL the way. Thank heaven for Librivox! They have the most awesome selection of audio books, many of which I downloaded, and the kids have been listening to them this week. I actually feel like we accomplish a lot despite Rebel NOT doing his work on time, BECAUSE we listened to numerous chapters of Burgess' Bird Book, Robin Hood and An Island Story. Not to mention Alice in Wonderland and some other fairy-tales courtesy of, which also provides great audiobooks and a PODCAST. M'Lady just LOVES Natasha!
We have definitely covered history and literature this week :)

I also started a new series on my Gardening Blog. I am aiming to Journal the year of gardening in Central Va. Partly for my own benefit I admit ;)

But back to the artwork. Yes, So far I am doing well there... this week for the simple I am TRYING to drink enough water again. Simple? You say. Yes... remember the SIMPLE is just ONE thing at a time. I need to work on making 'to-do' lists more though ;)

More garden planning... from the seed catalogue :) This is one of my favourite pages so far!

Made a few shading mistakes, but cured it by switching to pencil ;) I later figured out what I SHOULD have done and plan to try it another time!

This picture came right out of my gardening seed catalogue again. I thought it looked pretty good ;)

The Antique Oil Lamp in the Living Room. I love the round, bowl-shaped, lower half of this lamp :)

And finally, the candle. It sits above the oil lamp, and was really a lazy choice. I think it would have looked better more off-set.

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  1. I like your fruit & veg page too! Nice raspberries ... I've never attempted to draw or paint those before.


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