Thursday, January 17, 2008

EDM #23, #8 and #154

Continuing one with my drawing, I decided that in my bed was a good place to draw. Which is why my nighttime water glass became the subject of EDM #23: Draw a glass. It's a shame really, this one would be lovely in colour, the glasses are cobalt blue :) Maybe I'll do it again another time...

I finally got up enough gumption to try some watercolours. I don't have the best quality set, but I really want to start practising and getting used to the medium. This is the second of the two new media I have decided to try and master this year. This subject is actually this week's EDM... EDM#154: Draw a lemon. I think it look vastly better in the photo ;)

Finally, there is yesterday's drawing. EDM #8: Draw your watch. I don't have one, so I drew DD's freebie one, which just so happened to be lying around there! It is an interesting design :)
As you can tell, we don't think much about time here :o


  1. Wow! You are really cranking these out! The lemon looks good. Watercolors can be tricky, I teach it to a homeschooling group. Usually the problem is that the kids don't take advantage of the translucent quality of this paint.
    Keep the artwork coming!

  2. I'm doing one a day, which seems like a lot when I post a bunch at once ;)

    Yes, the translucence is messing with my mind... I did figure out a couple of things with the watercolours this time. Practice makes perfect!


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