Sunday, January 06, 2008

Secret Santa

I was recently part of a group where we were Secret Santa to each other... a tradition that was in it's second year last Christmas (yes that one just gone). To prove how wonderful she is, my Secret Santa, sent me a gift that will be ongoing throughout the year.
She knows how much I love to do 'teatime' with the kids... so when this box of special teas came in the mail, I was surprised Especially when the Santa turned out to be my friend JULIE who was Santa to me last year too!

Julie gave me an extra special Christmas present this year too... she had a beautiful little girl baby, right at the beginning of December! Frankly, I am surprised that she even managed to get my present to me BEFORE Christmas... I KNOW I would never have been so organised!

THANK YOU JULIE!! (I wish I could link her, but she doesn't have a blog!)

When my Secret Santee posts her things I'll link it here ;)
Our Secret Santas:


  1. Oh, Julie ... you gave Rachel a perfect gift!

  2. I hope you enjoy it!!!
    I'm too busy holding a baby to blog ;) or type much!

  3. Julie, I do like it. In fact, I had told the kids they could choose ONE tea each, and they began arguing over which one they wanted. Apparently, they cannot both have the same, and DD was bossing DS around telling him what he can have. He is TWICE her age and she STILL bosses him around LOL!!


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