Thursday, January 10, 2008

EDM #10

Draw your hand or hands or someone else's if you like!
Well, it is my hand. And my first complete ink composition. I started to draw it in pencil then go over the lines like I normally do LOL, when I decided to change it in the middle. Probably because I moved my hand ;) So I continued in pen. I liked the 'woodcut' effect I got from the calligraphy nib, but will try my pigma microns next time. I don't like drawing too much with my calligraphy nibs ;)

One of these days I'll remember to photograph at noon when it is sunny ;) and get a much better picture :)


  1. Nice! Honestly, I love pen and ink (can you tell?). I'm an ink snob, though. I've had the most success with Higgins. Did you use a dipping pen here? They have more character.

    The good news is, I did pull out a sketchbook. Bad news, I haven't used it yet. Maybe I'll try tomorrow. Some weeks I'm just happy if I get my comics done!

    Peace and Laughter!

  2. I used my calligraphy pen :) Not a dipping pen, a cartridge one. I liked the woodcut effect, but HATED drawing with the thing as it was cantankerous >:/
    Thanks for the Higgins recommendation, I will look those up!
    I love your comics, so long as you get those up you ARE drawing ;)


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