Thursday, January 03, 2008

Drawing of the Day #3

In order to let my friend Dana (and probably accountability partner LOL) catch up with the EDM Challenges (you will notice the ones I am using are an old bunch, but they are still valid!), I decided to make another Nature Journal entry in my art book. You can catch the little post about it here at my Nature Journal Online!

The picture was sketched with pencils, before I went over them with a micro-fibre 0.3mm pen, and colourized with Prismacolour Pencils. I tried using a technique I had seen on their website, wherein you blend using an alcohol dipped Q-Tip (cottonbud to us Brits ;)). My success was varied. The colour worked on some, but not others. I captured the shapes of some, but not others. I blame the time of day, I unfortunately chose a busy time of day... both at the feeder and outside, where people passing by all the time (cars or pedestrians or skateboarders!) disturbed the birds frequently!
Lessons learned... sketch earlier in the day, use a piece of paper to try out the colours first.
PATIENCE my friend ;)


  1. You do some beautiful work! I've always had trouble with birds.
    I love your shoe below, too. Looks like an interesting site. What does EDM stand for? I couldn't find where it was explained.

    Happy New Year!
    Peace and Laughter,

  2. Hi,

    I wondered in from Cat's page. I am a Catholic- my family were in the Jacobite war, and for that I have a little French blood (watered down by now, I guess).
    I have to say that I loved your pictures of the birds. You should do that professionally.
    I'll go back to reading your blog, now.
    Have a good night.

  3. Thank you! I think it is short for EveryDay Matters, which is a book about art journalling:) But I am not entirely sure :D


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