Friday, January 11, 2008

EDM #4

Draw your mug or cup.
I did. it is a metal mug that Mum and Dad gave us a few years back and the kids are always using them! This time, I used the Pigma Microns to draw it. I preferred that to the cartridge pen, and once I get used to the medium, I may well go on a search for dip pens :) Pen and ink has a much different technique from pencil, because you can ERASE a mistake in pencil ;)

I managed to take this photo early, so the light is SO much better! And it was a relatively quick drawing to do. Probably because I sat down with my iPod on so I could NOT hear the kids who were getting ready for bed :) Luckily Jacobite was there to take charge ;)


  1. That looks great! I like how you used the colored pencils with the ink.
    In answer to your question, I use a Speedball 102 crow quill. So funny, I was taught to use the crow quill in high school (my school was art centered) but I never really developed an appreciation for it until I began working on my own. In school I preferred my rapidograph with the refillable ink cartridge. Easier, but not as elegant.

    Peace and Laughter,

  2. Great sketches! I really like the pen and ink with colored pencil added.


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