Sunday, January 06, 2008

Daily Drawing #4 and #5 and #6

Daily Drawing #4: A Sock. I was not feeling too inspired, but then, my eye fell upon the sock on the floor. I took them off earlier after stepping in a puddle from our ailing dishwasher (it died later that day BTW), and left it to dry in front of the heater! Later it caught my eye, and I drew it.

This tiny sketchbook lives in my bag. Prior to now it has not been used, but since I decided to do a daily drawing, it saw a lot of work this weekend!

Parking lot (carpark) drawing #1 and #2. The second one caught my eye because I liked the way the light stood out against the dusky sky. It was just beginning to get dark, so the light did not shine much light around itself. Later they did, but we were leaving ;)

Recalling another diary entry from another of the art pages, I had to draw the shaker I saw in the Cracker Barrel when we ate there. I was a little discomfited drawing in public, so the proportions are not right :o
Then this morning I drew rebel practising his archery, for which he has a lesson (the first) tomorrow. He was breaking in the bow today :) I added some colour later with my watercolour pencils as an experiment.

M'Lady was watching out of the restaurant window for Daddy, and I quickly sketched this. It was hard to do as I sat right next to her... but I felt a bit more confident drawing here as there were BOOTHS ;)

Carpark drawing #3, waiting for DH when he said he'd be only 5 minutes. He was about 35 minutes at least, but I had a new book and this sunset to draw! I wish I had done the colours heavier, but it was getting dark and I had to rush to make sure I got the colours at all. I always love the shadowy silhouettes that trees make against the sky at night. They often look inky black, and the brilliant oranges and pinks of the sunset back-light them beautifully.


  1. Your drawings are wonderful! I had my children make sketchbooks earlier this year, but I haven't kept one with me in a long time. I used to carry mine everywhere when I was a teen. Now you inspire me to start doing that again too!

    Peace and Laughter,

  2. LOVING all the drawings! you are VERY talented

  3. I enjoyed looking all through your blog. The drawings are esp. satisfying to look at; altho' the 'lists' had some gems also.
    Greetings from a fellow Everyday Matters person.

  4. Welcome to the EDM group from another homeschooling mom! Love your sketches. I believe it is good for our kids to see us pursuing our own interests too. Hope to see more of your art work :)

  5. This is a really lovely drawing, Rachel! I try and do lanscapes with coloured pencil sometimes, and it doesn't work this well for me.

    Very nice!


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