Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Two EDM Challenges and some fun...

Monday began beautifully. The weather was warm, sunny and definitely worth going outside for.
I took along my sketchbook and pencils and doodled.

Jacobite took Rebel to some Archery Lessons with the local homeschool group, while M'Lady and I enjoyed our time outside. M'Lady fell, of course, but she loved it otherwise! Then I remembered the EDM Challenge (list can be found here) #34: Draw a fall leaf. Well, it is not autumn, but there are certainly leaves to go around!

Terrible photo, of the thing, but then again, it IS a photo ;) rather than a scan!
Yesterday we took off out. Jacobite's birthday was on the 3rd, but he refused to take off when the weather was so cold, especially when he knew this warm front was coming! We took off to one of our favourite little towns, where I had no chance to draw because our scheduled stop was closed :( Oh well, we enjoyed the day anyway! I picked up some pecans to draw, and took a picture of the tree they came from :)

I figured the nuts will count for the EDM nut challenge ;)
I did a doodled picture journal of the day while I attempted to watch Law & Order between primary results.

And then I took up the EDM Challenge #51: Draw your TV with your favourite show playing and journal about why you like that show. My favourite shows are numerous... all the CSIs and PBS' Mystery! show... how can I choose (not to mention the gore factor!). Instead I drew a show I rarely miss... the evening news :) Last night was all about politics (Jacobite's favourite) and I drew that. I truly would have preferred something else, but my pencil was itchy! :D

I had to add the picture of Hillary later, from the web (the news just doesn't sit long enough), and my personal dislike of her definitely made me NOT so careful with drawing her (nothing like a subject you don't care for LOL), but the TV looks OK. Now if only I had one of those nice widescreens... ;)

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