Monday, May 12, 2008

More Everyday in May :)

So, although I was offline all weekend, I did not fail in my 'Everyday in May' challenge... I actually did draw something everyday!

On Saturday, EDiM #10, a wineglass was drawn. I really needed to sharpen my pencil, but certain children are the ones with sharpeners in this house and they were asleep in bed... so I made-do. And it was not good :/

On Sunday I wanted to draw the carnation I was given in Fridays for Mother's Day. I was not in the right mood for the contemplation necessary to draw a carnation, and I picked a funny angle! Reviewed today however, it was not quite as bad as I thought ;)

Upset by the bad luck the past few drawings, I went simple and drew an earring to make myself feel better. After M'Lady moved the initial setup of BOTH earrings, I decided to stick with JUST one and leave it :o

Today I started a new theme. This week I am going to draw scenes from around the house. Today's picture is a tile from the master bathroom. I love these tiles... there are two, facing in opposite directions :)


  1. These are really nice! I enjoy visiting your blog. It's got a very peaceful atmosphere. :)

  2. I love the bathroom tiles! Great job!

  3. Don't be so hard on yourself, your drawings are wonderful. I especially like the bath tile, absolutely lovely. Having little 'helpers' around while you are trying to concentrate can definitely be a trial sometimes. However, just think of the wonderful memories you are recording of their antics. Someday you will look back through your journal and have a good laugh at how they helped with a drawing!


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