Thursday, May 01, 2008

Everyday in May

Well, I did it! I signed myself up for a drawing challenge on the Everyday Matters group. The aim is to draw or paint something everyday in May. Hence the name of the challenge ;)

My trusty technical pencil, my tiny sketchbook and I sat down early this morning to draw. I chose a small creamer or pitcher that I think once belonged to my husband's grandmother. It is a lovely aging yellowy colour, but I don't have the paints to do it justice. I will remedy that soon ;) It is a lovely and unusual scalloped shape, which prooved to be very difficult to render accurately. I think it would have been much better in colour!

I decided to make a loose theme for the challenge of: "things I see" because that covers pretty much anything I want to draw ;)

ETA: Apparently the creamer was not from my husband's grandmother, but was picked up by my mother-in-law because it matched a large pitcher that comes from my Husband's grandmother. Yes, the pitcher is also scalloped :)


  1. Well done on committing to the Every Day in May challenge! Your pitcher is really nicely drawn, especially considering it's such a quirky shape. I don't think it needs colour ... but perhaps a colour version is a challenge for a future month? :)

  2. I'm thinking I might do the colour version another time as another challenge, yes :) It is a really nice antique white... so more bone coloured :)

  3. What a lovely delicate antique pitcher - very nicely shaded.

  4. Wow! You handled the scalloped edges beautifully.

  5. Wise theme and lovely pitcher.

  6. I think your drawing is delightful and doesn't need any changes. Such a pretty shape and history comes with it!
    I collect creamware jugs - they are so friendly, useful, and fit in with all the other dishes we seem to collect along the way!

    Glad you stopped by - where in England was your home? Have you been back recently? I'm from Torquay and was over last Oct.

  7. Thank you for the comment on my blog. It is my first try at doing a series that wasn’t for a swap or an ATC.

    I love your drawing it has a sort of historical feel to it.


  8. That's a cool chanllenge! I hope you will show more of your drawings this month!


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