Friday, May 02, 2008

Everyday in May #2

This time I drew a timer. This is the timer that we use with the kids to let them know their "Time's Up!". I use it for school, and Jacobite and I both use it for tidying up, showering, playing... all sorts! If the kids have a time limit, this is the gadget that lets them know it :)

It is quite a useful tool... ;) I knew as soon as I picked it up in time for school this morning, that THIS would be my EDinM for today!
It isn't quite as good as I would like it... endless chatter from a 4 year old and an 8 year old who wont do as he is told caused a few interruptions in my concentration. I knew I should have done it while they were sleeping, but I couldn't figure out WHAT I wanted to draw until AFTERWARDS ;)


  1. Looks good! I like the way you filled all the negative space with narrative.

  2. Lovely drawing, and you are so brave to take up the challenge to draw every day.

  3. Great sketch!!

    Those digital kitchen timers from Wal-Mart work well. They're loud, and seem to "beep" FOREVER!!!!

    Timers should be given as baby shower gifts with a little smirky grin. ;)

  4. You did an awesome job!


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