Thursday, May 29, 2008

Everyday in May #28

For the 28th, I decided to experiment a little with ink shading techniques. What you see below is a poblano pepper, which will be my dinner tonight (Fajita-taste burgers ;)) and which is another of the artist's staple subjects (the first being the hand you do not draw with ;)). This was kind of fun because I got to try shading with parrallel lines, cross hatch, stippling, contour and a few criss-cross lines. Yes... I was reading Claudia Nice again ;)

Just three more drawings for Everyday in May, and one of those is todays... which I plan to do in a bit...

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  1. Oh, this is REALLY fun! Makes me itch to try some ink hatching/stippling techniques myself. Your poblanos seem to bring out the best in you! :)


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