Friday, May 09, 2008

Everyday in May #9

Another day in May, and another drawing from the 'Everyday in May' challenge participants. Today mine is a picture of my daughter, portraying 'Sleeping Beauty'. O.K. She really was sleeping, but I could not resist the 'draw' of that cute little face. Unlike her brother a few days back, she was actually quite still. I guess sleep will do that for you ;) Put together stillness and a live model, and I actually got a good resemblance. M'Lady moved before I put the polish on the picture, so I decided to leave it as it was... after all you can ruin a picture, and I was afraid that the likeness would disappear with too much tweaking ;)

She did not seem to be too impressed with the picture when she woke up. I guess she doesn't think that the look of her sleeping is as cute as I do ;)


  1. So peaceful and innocent and fragile...a beautiful capture of time! :)

  2. Ohhh! So that's what EDM means! LOL!

    I am loving your art work. I feel bad because I have sketches to post, but I haven't had time to take pictures and upload them. May is crazy around here.

    Happy Mothers' Day!
    Peace and Laughter,

  3. Very sweet...lovely job...happy mothers day!

  4. She looks so snug and restful...and so cute! Wonderful entry.

  5. Aren't they angelic when they're sleeping? You've captured a lovely little life sketch here.


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