Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Home Stretch of Everyday in May

So here I am on the home stretch of Everyday in May... the last few pictures that I HAVE to do everyday... and I am contemplating doing 'Everyday in June' too ;) Once I got over the 'dry well' feeling mid-month, I started to think a little outside of the box and enjoy myself more :) THANKS to the orange studies ;)

This first Pigma pen sketch shows a tree branch and the tops of the vines from which the kids love to swing...

as seen in this sketch :) Down our hill there are some old kudzu vines and the kids love to swing on them. Yes, we also have poison ivy vines... but they are quite distinctive being very hairy- kudzu is not ;)

Can you tell we were outside a lot over the holiday weekend? This is my jasmine blooming... and yes, not all the blooms have the same number of petals on them :)

A more mundane subject from this morning... my morning coffee in my mug :) Don't worry... it's decaf ;)


  1. These are wonderful! Have you looked back to any of your drawings from the beginning of the month to see if your style has changed? When I started doing my comics regularly, I was surprised at how fast my artwork changed.

    Peace and Laughter,

  2. I have... I like to admire my own work ;)
    Seriously though, I have noticed that I am a little quicker, a lot less hesitant and tend to make mistakes less :)
    Somethings really do improve with practise...

  3. Love the garden sketches - especially the "swinging" one! Looks like you had a lovely family weekend.


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