Monday, May 19, 2008

Everyday in May #16, #17, #18 and #19

So while enjoying some offline time, I was still drawing, even though I was feeling less than inspired :/
The first drawing was a picture of the ladybug cakes M'Lady and I made for the Mother-Daughter day :) We spent the afternoon in the kitchen, making the cakes together. She thoroughly enjoyed the cooking, she always does... and everyone enjoyed EATING the results! I only managed to get PHOTOS of the cakes afterwards... so no photos of us all (which is probably just as well since my hands were COVERED with food colouring and would have stained the camera!). The little bunny was our garden pal come for a visit. Rebel scared him off before I finished the sketch :o (click images for larger/clearer pictures).

Saturday we ate breakfast in the garden, and while we did that (and while DH did some weed-eating) I drew a rose (one of our heirlooms) and the new solar fountain. The fountain is a delightful addition to the garden ;)

Sunday, I nearly forgot to draw! Late in the evening I remembered, and my spinning wheel caught my eye :) It is one of three, although the other two are antiques, this is an Ashford traveller :)
And yes, it is backwards to me. That was my effort to stop the kids messing with it, but it doesn't appear to be working :o

Then today I decided to draw the old iron pots upstairs in the study (DH's antiques are all in this room ;)) I know I have done something wrong with the three-legged skillet in this drawing, but I cant figure it out :o The skillet was Jacobite's Grandmother's skillet, and the cauldron was his mother's. She either bought it or he gave it to her as a present, I can't remember which (since there are two cauldrons I never remember which is which ;))

So now I am up to date both drawing and posting the Everyday in May series ;)

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