Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A Few Challenges

Well two challenges and one non challenge really ;) First up is a buckeye butterfly. It is not a great picture- my model was a sadly crumpled and dead buckeye butterfly my daughter found- and in my attempt to make it look better I made my art look worse. Oh well, it's better than SOME of my stuff lol...

A much better offering is my picture of rosehips... I painted these last year about this time. Rosa virginiana is a prolific producer of hips- and I can never quite resist them ;) they look so lovely. I think this years version is better though :)

And EDM Challenge #239: Draw something that scared you...
Yes, a plug hole. When I was very small, I was always scared I'd go down it with the water. I blame this song:

But any way you look at it, I was SURE I'd go down there too! I can still remember being brave enough to stand on the plug hole- my sister (who was sharing the bath) screaming at me because SHE thought I'd go down it too ;) (Yes I infected her lol)


  1. Enjoyed the post today...and Cream is most excellent.

  2. Thanks Alan- I was most surprised to find Cream had done a rendition of the song. But then I realised, chances are that it was the very version I heard as a child :) I KNOW Dad has Cream albums...

  3. Very good post, indeed! I really like the drawing of the rose hips, and the plug hole, too. The butterfly is very nice as well, I think! nancy

  4. My Mum used to sing that to us.

  5. I really like the butterfly :) I think they are kind of creepy in real life and when you look at them really carefully, but they are pretty if you just look at the wings, just like the one you did.
    I am not sure what rosehips are, can you eat them? :D

  6. I laughed until my eyes watered! Loved the song - my grandchildren used to be frightened of the plughole too - easiest way to get them out of the bath was to make a move towards the plug chain! I also thought the rose hips were beautiful - very evocative.

  7. Thank you Alex. Rosehips are the fruit of a rose- they grow after the roses bloom. Rosehips ARE edible, but usually made into jams or jellies. They are very high in Vitamin C :)
    Marancat- LOL Thanks! Yes my mother used to do that to us too- we would scream and cry at the stupid thing lol

  8. This is too funny! Thanks for the laugh. And the sketches are great!

  9. Thanks Raena- it is all too unfortunately true ;) That little swirl of water got me every time!!

  10. I worried about getting swept down the drain too! Wonderful post. Your butterfly and rose hips paintings are lovely.

  11. LOL Thanks Ann- it does seem to be a common childhood fear ;)

  12. LOL! Funny song! Reminds me of how Marina was scared of swimming because of a song called "Don't Go in the Water" (about the waters of the jungle).

    Love the butterfly pic!

    Peace and Laughter,


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