Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So my husband is doing the driveway- making cobblestones and laying them. Today we had a 10 ton delivery of stone dust- the kids were in alt! They thought it was their very own playground!
*I* decided to draw them 'helping'.

Plus a couple of things they were supposed to be drawing for nature study ;) The rules: draw three DIFFERENT things that are red, orange or yellow. I drew two of the offerings- you know, just to show a good example ;)

Sometimes the synchronicity in life amazes me :)
While I am outside feeling like I am channeling Susan Branch (mostly because the writing made me think of her), a friend is emailing me to remind me to 'friend' Susan Branch on facebook! Fun :)
As some artist friends pointed out- who doesn't love Susan Branch? Her cookbooks are lovely artistic inspirations, as well as great sources of yummy recipes :)


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