Thursday, September 17, 2009

Seasons are changing...

I thought I might try and catch up with a few EDM Challenges... here you can see #237 and #241:
Draw what is under your bed...
Not really much there- with the exception of a few dust bunnies! The bed is WAY off the ground (antique beds seem to do that) and anything under is is just a little too visible ;)

Draw what you see out of your kitchen window:
It really depends on what position you are in- and which direction you face. Most of our views from this window are pretty, but not really easy to appreciate- either you stand there and get the best views or sit and get a mediocre one... I was not about to stand indefinitely drawing this- I had enough of that with the plughole from the other day! So I dragged a chair in, found an interesting angle and drew. You can see the pawpaw trees, the pomegranate tree (with the single pomegranate from this year LOL) and the hummingbird feeder. I think the hummers are beginning their migration because I haven't seen them for the past few days...

Autumn is less than a week away, but the first signs of it here in the South are the piles of pumpkins the stores are stocking.
DD called the one at the local grocery store 'Pumpkin Island'. I promised her a pumpkin- and made good with this little pie pumpkin. yes- I have plans for it (other than drawing it ;))!


  1. Lovely sketches. I particularly like the window with its Autumn hues. I can really feel the atmospher while sitting in "your" chair. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful work! I believe it's better late than never anyway, but they are wonderful and definitely worth the wait! I am admiring the details... ^^

  3. Very impressed by the perspective in your 'under the bed' sketch!

  4. All 3 of your drawings are very nice. I don't know where I thought pomagranates come from, but I didn't think they grew in mainland USA. I like the pumpkin, too, and just where are all those dust bunnies you claim to have? I didn't see a single one! lol nancy

  5. Martine- Thank You :)I love seeing the artist's eye view too :)
    Alex- thank you very much :)
    Marancat- Thanks!
    Nanke- they originally come from the Mediterranean, but can grow in the Southern states- I believe I am as far North as Pomegranates can get, and at that, I only get it because my Pomegranate is at the top of the hill and the coldest temps sink to the bottom ;)
    as for the dust bunnies- well it is the artist's privilege to leave things out, right? ;)

  6. Wonderful drawings! I especially like the view out your kitchen window, lovely to be sharing that with you through your drawing :-)

  7. Thank you Ann- it is very cool seeing other people's views isn't it? ;)

  8. These are very nice. I really like the view out your kitchen window.

  9. Very nice sketches. I really like the view out of your kitchen window.


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