Monday, September 28, 2009

Practise, Practise, Practise...

So I decided to follow the old saying. It pretty much came about after I decided I would REALLY like to draw a picture of the kids- and COLOUR it :) So far, I have NOT done that ;)

So out came the coloured pencils. And the watercolour pencils. And the variety of pencil sets I have. And then I realised - I have a LOT of pencils :) But not always the RIGHT colour ;)
So I decided to start practising- I have never coloured skin colours before. Lucky for me, I own a couple of Lee Hammond books, and following through her directions I did the facial features below.

I admit it- I did not follow her to the letter. Firstly, I was drawing in my favourite coloured pencil notebook- which just so happens to be a Cachet Earthbound. It has tan coloured pages, which means that leaving white highlights is impossible- so I added those in with my white pencil :) Secondly, I didn't have ALL the colours she stated- so I just used what looked good :) Not a bad result ;)

So next I decided to try a landscape. I have been dying to draw this view ever since I took the photo a couple of weeks back. It was a glimpse through the trees of the Blue Ridge Mountains (we were up at Madison, VA) and the view was stunning. I always enjoy colouring the Blue Ridge in various blues :)

Then while out in the yard I went looking for autumn. I didn't really find much evidence of it here- a few leaves are beginning to turn, and a few have fallen, but we really wont see much of the turning of autumn until the middle of October. In the meantime, the garden was FULL of gnats- thousands of them! And I drew a couple of brown leaves (in watercolour pencil), and some of my jalapenos (in coloured pencil). They actually have lines over their skins- I think I let them sit on the plant too long! Oh well, they look prettier when I draw them ;)

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