Monday, September 21, 2009


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As the summer ends, and autumn draws near... the gardens and farmer's markets sport a cross-over of vegetables and fruit from BOTH seasons.
The pepper is from my garden, the apple is from the store- but they are both locally grown :)

The autumnal equinox happens tomorrow- and after that, the nights start getting longer here in the Northern Hemisphere... lots of things to look forward to though :)

ETA: Jeanette over at Illustrated Life is hosting an apple challenge- so get your pencils ready and draw these delicious autumnal fruits!

HT to Robyn at Have Dogs, Will Travel for the heads up...


  1. Looks like a beautiful healthy organic apple. Lovely with the pepper.

  2. You colored pencil work is so lovely. My wife also does the colored pencils. I admire the calm patience you have with this media.

  3. Thanks Gary :) Ann and I have admired each other's work for a while now ;) I love the softness of her work- it inspired me to try more!

  4. Your drawing is delightful, full of wonder Fall color! Happy Autumn!

  5. Bell peppers! This one just brought it to a whole new level! And I could see the fine details of the surface of the apple too...
    I've seen a lot of people doing fruits and vegetables these days, but yours is one of the few that's made my jawbone fell. ^^

  6. Thanks Alex :) Harvest time means LOTS of fruits and veggies to draw- plus they stand still (unlike certain family members LOL).


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