Sunday, August 31, 2008

An Art Party

Or at least it seems that way in my Moleskine :) Which I am enjoying right now :)
First there was my son watching TV. I call it riveted because he didn't notice me drawing. He thought it was not a good likeness... it IS. In fact it is the best likeness of him I have managed yet :)

Then there was the magazine face. I chose one of the pictures because i liked the woman's face, and I drew it. I thank Donna for the inspiration ;) This was in my brand new Sepia coloured Pigma Micron- with no pencil underdrawing!

Finally are the rosehips from my Rosa virginiana (well my husband's rose actually). They are so vibrantly red, I found myself staring at them, so they became immortalized in my moleskine, in watercolour.

I am beginning to get the hang of the watercolours now. I just need to work on painting leaves a bit more ;)


  1. Nice assortment of drawings! I especially like the rose hips - beautiful color!

  2. wow! To get a kiddo to sit still long enough with out him noticing you drawing a picture of him is amazing! I love the rose hips they look so real and the woman's face in the sepia micron--you did it with out any under drawing? Oh My goodness! good job. :)

  3. This is nicely done. You really are getting the hang of watercolor.

  4. The portraits are great - your son seems really interested by his show! You did great with the painting too, lovely!


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