Monday, August 04, 2008

Picture Time!

I have been rather sporadic in uploading my pictures from the last week or so. Admittedly, it was because I took a little time away from the computer to read and play with my new iPod games ;)
But I WAS drawing every day :) That makes it now three solid months of daily drawing!!

An Orange Sulfur Butterfly. I saw this one from the car and memorized it to draw at home. I managed to later identify it, BECAUSE of the drawing :) Trying to memorize it for the drawing meant I paid MUCH more attention to details ;)

I changed the Tree 3 Picture a little too, darkening the background a bit. I feel a little better about the picture, but think the main problem is the smooth bark of the tree. Needs more texture...

So I took the tree a step or two further and drew the whole path :)

Complete with my family in the distance- this is a good reason to bring along the camera (else you'll be left behind trying to draw something), which luckily I did- and used it as reference for this picture!!

When you see a Starbucks on every corner, you will never want for a subject to draw!

This time I was lucky enough to have people to draw too.

My iPod touch is my favourite non-art toy. I use it to listen to music, play podcasts, watch You Tube AND to read email. I just upgraded it to allow for games- which is a lot of fun :)

Then I got myself a new ART toy... a watercolour graphite pencil. It looked and felt just like a black watercolour pencil to me, but I enjoy dragging it around for interesting effects. This was my test subject, an old house at Gaines Mill battlefield. It is not far from my hollow tree and my photos taken the other day were my reference.

With a budding meteorologist for a son, we were made to observe the clouds. He spotted this mammatus, and in the camera's absence, I drew it for posterity.

They quickly faded away, and all that remained was my journal entry. Then just a few minutes later, a spectacular sunset came along.

The lower clouds were silhouetted against the orange sky, and the orange was framed by a flat bottomed cloud above.

Another new toy... some dip pens. I want to take advantage of the ability to draw with watercolours. I spent ages playing with my toys, then drew them ;)

And I tried writing with them. I felt quite like a Victorian heroine, dipping my ink every two minutes ;)


  1. What a feast! These are great! I learned to write with those old ink pens - for a left handed little girl it was terrible... Love the drawing anyway! The butterfly is wonderful too, you've got a good memory!

  2. I especially like your dip pen drawings! I do some calligraphy and have always loved beautiful writing, pens, stationery, etc.

  3. Your dipping pen drawings are excellent! I haven't tried to draw with dip pens yet. Love your sketch of your family on the path!

  4. love your drawings! You obviously have a very creative heart. By the way I also love my I-Touch!

  5. These were all great but my favorite is the sketch of the house with your water soluble pencil. It was fun to keep scrolling and seeing more and more.

  6. Great pens! Calligraphy is one of my passions and I plan to try using this type of pen nib for drawing. I bought too many of these in a buying binge on eBay once. I'm better now.


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