Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Tasha Celebration

Since today is Tasha Tudor's Birthday, Clarice at Storybook Woods, together with the ladies at Author Fiesta, have been hosting a bloggy celebration.

Of course, you KNOW I would want to take part. I have been rather lax, not participating in the entire Fiesta (call me lazy- but well, school JUST started back!!), but the party was something I really did want to participate in :)

So I started out by setting the table:

Placing all my Tasha books, and a few library books to boot on it :)
I spent the afternoon baking, since I cancelled our Science (due to certain children playing with the balloons >:/) and produced a dish, *I* think worthy of Tasha. She might not have liked it, as it was baked in an electric oven, but my kids liked it!!

M'Lady was wearing her shawl- but it was really a little too warm to keep it on. But we kept them (I had one too) on the back of our chairs ;)

Then I placed a little something I *KNOW* Tasha would approve of on the table... TEA!!

And everyone tucked in!!
After that, we sailed into the other room to do a few Tasha tasks....

Such as drawing...

...and filling out the Tasha Tudor Author Research form.
The books were looked at, the dogs coloured in, and other things.
I wanted to do the Sparrow Mail too... but I think it might just happen at the weekend instead :) After all... it IS a long weekend!!


  1. Happy Tasha Tudor day. Sounds like it was a perfect one. Clarice

  2. looks like a FABOO party! I wish i could have attended with you!

  3. I love your day! It's thoughtful and cosy, just the way Tasha would have liked it. :)

    Thank you for joining us!

  4. I'm sure Tasha would have approved of such a delicious looking tea! What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. ~Kathy

  5. You should make all of your sketches into cards and sell them, or give them as gifts. They're precious, and you are VERY gifted.

  6. Oooooohhhhh! Could you mail a cinnamon roll along with those rosary beads?


  7. You had a wonderful Tasha Tudor day! Everything looks so pretty! You have a wonderful collection of Tasha's books.
    Thank you for visiting me and for your kind comments.

    You are a very talented artist!!! Thank you for sharing!



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