Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Farmer's Market Report week August 23-29

Thanks to Kerry over at To Every Meal there is a Season.

This weeks edition of the Farmer's Market Report can be found at the link.

So how did my farmer's market trip go? Pretty good. Three melons, 6 peppers, 2 bags of beans and a couple of dozen tomatoes later, I feel we did rather well.
My favourite stall holder handed out a tiny striped watermelon for the kids, for free, as well as some tomatoes that were a little sun scorched. M'Lady ate hers right away, mine are in the kitchen :D
We chose some of those tiny plum tomatoes for M'Lady's snack. She has already eaten most of them!
Two sugar baby melons found their way into my bag- and were eaten the next day! Delicious!!
Some organic green beans found their way in there too. I'm thinking those will be eaten tomorrow with some roast beef sandwiches- I can't wait!
I typically paint my farmer's market hauls... this was this weeks (you can see the tomatoes in the next post with my artwork for the last few days LOL).

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  1. I love your blog layout, by the way! And I love that you paint your haul.

    Thanks for submitting your post. I'll have this week's Farmer's Market Report up by 10AM. Hope to see you then!



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