Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Summer" Completed

With summer on the wane, and the autumnal weather already beginning, it seems fitting that my "Summer" book is finally completed!

I decided that the final two pages would be an ode to my favourite summer dish :)

I call it a squash & pepper medley :) The recipe is featured on the last page!


  1. What a great idea for a little book. I love the fresh look you've achieved with your artwork - it really suits the subject.

    The red and blue borders are a great accent.

  2. What a tribute to summer! I love it! And, am envious of you having a hint of fall! Still in the 90's in Texas.

  3. I love it, Rach! You did a beautiful job.

  4. I love this little book! Did you use a full 22 X 30 inch sheet of watercolor paper for it? I have such trouble figuring out how big each page is in the photos that I see.

  5. Thanks everyone! Lisalou, it is only a hint. I am not sure if it is autumn driven or drought driven though ;) It's cooler today because the remnants of Faye are dropping on us!
    Shirly, yes it is a full sized sheet- I took a complete sheet of Arches, and folded and cut it.

  6. This is terrific!!! It's unique and beautiful!

  7. Brava! A job well done! (And completed--that's the hardest part!)



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