Thursday, August 28, 2008

Remembering Tasha

So today is Tasha Tudor Remembrance Day, and the ladies over at Author Fiesta are hosting it!
I have plans to celebrate this afternoon with the kids- although since Nature Study is cancelled this morning, we might get to it faster :) I am sure there will be baking and all sorts...

...although the rolls I made yesterday are all but gone, so somthing else will have to suffice ;)
To get in the right frame of mind, I used a photo (you can see some more at Victoria), and drew the artist herself!

Both pictures Christened my brand new MOLESKINE. I have only heard A LOT about these little books, and when I found them on sale the other day, including the 3 x 5 WATERCOLOUR Moleskine, I bought one to try it :) Actually I liked it. I can't say that I think it is worth extra $$, but I do like the design! So while I await autumn to enfold me, so that I can start my AUTUMN accordian, I will be working in my Moleskine. And I will NOT call it a "Mol-eh-skin-eh" as people say it is pronounced. That is because it is an ITALIAN company... and I am not, and I sound very silly saying it LOL. I will just refer to it as a Moly. Which makes me think of The Wind in the Willows...
Well I'd better go start the day!

Enjoy the rest of YOUR day :)


  1. Your picture of Tasha is lovely.

    I sat down with Susan Branch's AUTUMN last night and mulled over some of the ideas and recipes in making our menu for September.

    You're becoming quite good at this artsy stuff my dear, quite good indeed!

    Have a lovely day!

  2. What a lovely picture you painted! And, I'm with you, 'moleskin' without the 'eh'!! We're celebrating over at The Christmas Corgi too. Have a happy day! Cat ^..^

  3. Oh Rachel this are just amazing. Really xoxox Clarice

  4. Oh, you talented lady, You!
    Your Tasha picture is beautiful.
    I'd love to have that enlarged and framed.

  5. I like the bread roll! Why is food so good to draw?

  6. I think I have all of Tasha's books. I love her illustrations, but I love her garden book and heirloom art books the most!

    Is she still alive? I've not checked or heard. She'd be in her 90's?

  7. Karey- no she died last year- I think about 2 weeks or so before this post :)


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