Friday, August 22, 2008

What I'm Working on

Here is an overview of the whole book.

As some of you know, I LOVE the books of Susan Branch. I first 'met' her through Elizabeth Foss, who was inspired enough to use her artwork as a muse for the Foss Family Home Companion.
I later started getting the books, and have since been amply rewarded- as I love to read through them!

You've 'met' the first picture in the book ;)

When I decided a week or two ago to make an 'accordion fold book' to try out the sheet of Hot Press Watercolour Paper I had bought, I was not sure what to do with it. Eventually I jumped in and started painting some of the things I was seeing. I was hooked.

Fresh tomatoes from the garden :)

I loved the way the hot press worked, AND I loved the simplicity and ease of the accordion fold book- it is not really a travelling book. I suspect you'd be dropping it all over and messing it up.

This was kind of a guess- because I didn't have one to draw ;)

But as a themed book, it is PERFECT. Because that is what I decided to do. Theme the book. I called it 'Summer' and started drawing and painting 'summer' themes. I added in quotes (if you google 'summer quotes' you'll find plenty!) and poems. Some I knew, others I googled.

These little tomatoes came from the Farmer's market. They are the little 'pear' ones.

Then I re-read Susan Branch's Summer and Autumn books. What a treasure trove of delights! I was inspired to try the bordered look... including the checquered effect. I messed around with lettering and adding in the quotes. HER book, inspired MY little summer book, and what fun I am having doing it!

Our lovely pitcher was empty, but I do use it for that Southern beverage, 'Sweet Tea'.

If you have never read her books, definitely try them!

Yes, I grew the pepper AND the carrots :) Our rabbit LOVES the greens, which is why they are not in the picture LOL.

If you enjoy her, you might also like these author artists:
Tasha Tudor
Beatrix Potter
Cicely Mary Barker
Sharon Lovejoy
Edith Holden

The scanner cut half of the border vine off, but never mind!

Yes, some of them are indeed children's artists. I see no reason why we can't enjoy them too! You can see more artists in my sidebar!

Eventually a recipe for squash pudding will go in the space here. It's hidden away somewhere! Our neighbour gave us the butternut squash- he grew it. He started a garden after seeing mine for the past few years :D

The spoon turned out really well, the bowl I had issues with the shadow INSIDE it. I had a little too much fun with the reflections too LOL.

Present from my Summer Swap partner :) You might remember that I painted a picture of what I sent her (and painting some of THOSE things that were actually sent ;)). There were more things in the packet, perhaps I'll paint those later. I really loved the vintage effect that came out in this picture! This and the squash are my favourite pictures in the book.


  1. I love your accordion book and the subjects you have chosen. That little habanero made me crave for fresh salsa! Have a great weekend :)

  2. These pages are simply beautiful. The quotes, the lettering, the composition, the sketches - all lovely!

  3. I love this a lot! Each piece is great - and I think I'm going to do something like that in a near future, you definitely inspired me!

  4. What a pretty and sweet little book...

    I loved that your bunny eat the tops of the carrots..
    Our bunny that we had for 12 years past away in May and I every time I see carrots I think of her...


  5. What a beautiful job you have done! I have been a Susan Branch fan since her start, over 20 years ago. Isn't she amazing? You appear to have her gift for creating lovely, but fanciful things.


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