Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Summer Book-2

I have only got two more pages to go in the accordion book, before the first side is complete. I don't think I will do the second side, because my paper is just 90lb paper, but oh what a joy. In fact it was SUCH a joy that I managed to find some 90lb hot pressed on sale, and bought a couple of sheets of it ;) Already, brewing in my mind, are the beginnings of an autumn book!
But back to summer, first up- my favourite summery hat AND some favourite summer flowers :)

As every artist knows, the farmer's market can really provide you with the greatest of subjects. Whether you draw the market itself, or the haul, you are sure to enjoy it!

And what is more summery than Pleine Aire? I am not sure how I am supposed to spell it LOL, but both the picture and the food were Plein Aire! I even have a spot for a decent quote. Maybe I'll find one later!

Finally it was back to school this week for my kids. yes, I know I homeschool! But we started back to work with a vengeance- building routines and trying things out :)

(see my farmer's market tomatoes illustrating the border? They make an excellent snack!! They are grape sized!)
Watch out later for the updates :)


  1. This is awesome! I love your style! This summer book you're doing is really wonderful - I love every one of the drawings, but the hat, wow, you did an incredible job on this one! We've got one week left before school here - I'm preparing but hanging to summer as strong as I can!

  2. These are all beautiful pages but I think I like the hat best. This will be a wonderful collection of 'summer'!

  3. So beautiful! I truly love these paintings.

  4. These are amazing! Well done and so inspiring. :)


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