Sunday, August 31, 2008

An Art Party

Or at least it seems that way in my Moleskine :) Which I am enjoying right now :)
First there was my son watching TV. I call it riveted because he didn't notice me drawing. He thought it was not a good likeness... it IS. In fact it is the best likeness of him I have managed yet :)

Then there was the magazine face. I chose one of the pictures because i liked the woman's face, and I drew it. I thank Donna for the inspiration ;) This was in my brand new Sepia coloured Pigma Micron- with no pencil underdrawing!

Finally are the rosehips from my Rosa virginiana (well my husband's rose actually). They are so vibrantly red, I found myself staring at them, so they became immortalized in my moleskine, in watercolour.

I am beginning to get the hang of the watercolours now. I just need to work on painting leaves a bit more ;)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Farmer's Market Report week August 30- September 5th

I had been hoping to live Vicariously through Kerry and everyone else as far as the farmer's market went. We set out a little too late to do that this week, and so I didn't get to go! Instead, I find Kerry has company (see this week's report), and I am bereft!
Oh well... I decided instead, to share some past hauls ;)

I think you can see I like peppers! I did get other stuff, but the peppers and tomatoes are my favourite subjects!
I have other vegetables and fruits in my files- but not from the farmer's market :) Feel free to click on the photo link at right to go browse!

Friday, August 29, 2008

To Round Out Tasha's Day

I decided to do a picture from one of the books about her. Since last week's EDM was to draw a cat, I chose that one- and a picture of her one-eyed cat from the book, was translated into watercolour pencils. I decided not to add water (partly because it was night and the light sucked, and partly because I liked the way it looked without) and may go back later for a try with watercolours :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Tasha Celebration

Since today is Tasha Tudor's Birthday, Clarice at Storybook Woods, together with the ladies at Author Fiesta, have been hosting a bloggy celebration.

Of course, you KNOW I would want to take part. I have been rather lax, not participating in the entire Fiesta (call me lazy- but well, school JUST started back!!), but the party was something I really did want to participate in :)

So I started out by setting the table:

Placing all my Tasha books, and a few library books to boot on it :)
I spent the afternoon baking, since I cancelled our Science (due to certain children playing with the balloons >:/) and produced a dish, *I* think worthy of Tasha. She might not have liked it, as it was baked in an electric oven, but my kids liked it!!

M'Lady was wearing her shawl- but it was really a little too warm to keep it on. But we kept them (I had one too) on the back of our chairs ;)

Then I placed a little something I *KNOW* Tasha would approve of on the table... TEA!!

And everyone tucked in!!
After that, we sailed into the other room to do a few Tasha tasks....

Such as drawing...

...and filling out the Tasha Tudor Author Research form.
The books were looked at, the dogs coloured in, and other things.
I wanted to do the Sparrow Mail too... but I think it might just happen at the weekend instead :) After all... it IS a long weekend!!

Remembering Tasha

So today is Tasha Tudor Remembrance Day, and the ladies over at Author Fiesta are hosting it!
I have plans to celebrate this afternoon with the kids- although since Nature Study is cancelled this morning, we might get to it faster :) I am sure there will be baking and all sorts...

...although the rolls I made yesterday are all but gone, so somthing else will have to suffice ;)
To get in the right frame of mind, I used a photo (you can see some more at Victoria), and drew the artist herself!

Both pictures Christened my brand new MOLESKINE. I have only heard A LOT about these little books, and when I found them on sale the other day, including the 3 x 5 WATERCOLOUR Moleskine, I bought one to try it :) Actually I liked it. I can't say that I think it is worth extra $$, but I do like the design! So while I await autumn to enfold me, so that I can start my AUTUMN accordian, I will be working in my Moleskine. And I will NOT call it a "Mol-eh-skin-eh" as people say it is pronounced. That is because it is an ITALIAN company... and I am not, and I sound very silly saying it LOL. I will just refer to it as a Moly. Which makes me think of The Wind in the Willows...
Well I'd better go start the day!

Enjoy the rest of YOUR day :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Summer" Completed

With summer on the wane, and the autumnal weather already beginning, it seems fitting that my "Summer" book is finally completed!

I decided that the final two pages would be an ode to my favourite summer dish :)

I call it a squash & pepper medley :) The recipe is featured on the last page!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Summer Book-2

I have only got two more pages to go in the accordion book, before the first side is complete. I don't think I will do the second side, because my paper is just 90lb paper, but oh what a joy. In fact it was SUCH a joy that I managed to find some 90lb hot pressed on sale, and bought a couple of sheets of it ;) Already, brewing in my mind, are the beginnings of an autumn book!
But back to summer, first up- my favourite summery hat AND some favourite summer flowers :)

As every artist knows, the farmer's market can really provide you with the greatest of subjects. Whether you draw the market itself, or the haul, you are sure to enjoy it!

And what is more summery than Pleine Aire? I am not sure how I am supposed to spell it LOL, but both the picture and the food were Plein Aire! I even have a spot for a decent quote. Maybe I'll find one later!

Finally it was back to school this week for my kids. yes, I know I homeschool! But we started back to work with a vengeance- building routines and trying things out :)

(see my farmer's market tomatoes illustrating the border? They make an excellent snack!! They are grape sized!)
Watch out later for the updates :)

Farmer's Market Report week August 23-29

Thanks to Kerry over at To Every Meal there is a Season.

This weeks edition of the Farmer's Market Report can be found at the link.

So how did my farmer's market trip go? Pretty good. Three melons, 6 peppers, 2 bags of beans and a couple of dozen tomatoes later, I feel we did rather well.
My favourite stall holder handed out a tiny striped watermelon for the kids, for free, as well as some tomatoes that were a little sun scorched. M'Lady ate hers right away, mine are in the kitchen :D
We chose some of those tiny plum tomatoes for M'Lady's snack. She has already eaten most of them!
Two sugar baby melons found their way into my bag- and were eaten the next day! Delicious!!
Some organic green beans found their way in there too. I'm thinking those will be eaten tomorrow with some roast beef sandwiches- I can't wait!
I typically paint my farmer's market hauls... this was this weeks (you can see the tomatoes in the next post with my artwork for the last few days LOL).

Monday, August 25, 2008

Daybook for Monday 25th August

To get the rest of the daybook entries, don't forget to visit Peggy over at the Simple Woman.

For Today...

Outside my Window
... it's humid and hot outside. The ground is parched and all the plants desperately need water!

I am thinking... School stuff. We're starting today and I hope it goes well :)

I am thankful for... homeschooling. We attended a funeral viewing yesterday and the kids were VERY well behaved and mannerly. I attribute this to homeschooling and being well socialised amongst adults ;)

From the learning rooms... the sound of pencils scribbling, new books to be opened and started- and one panicked mother realising that she just plumb forgot to get the Latin set up. Oh well... call it easing into school again ;) We'll start THAT tomorrow!

From the kitchen... roast beef and fresh veggies. I got some fresh peppers from the market this weekend :) We also got melons and tomatoes LOL

I am wearing... navy skirt and a red satin blouse. My hair is coiled up.

I am reading... Victoria Magazine, The Great Tradition and some cookbooks.

I am hoping... school goes well.

I am hearing... the kids drawing and the radio.

Around the house... Laundry, (isn't there always laundry), school supplies and Tasha Tudor books for the Tasha Tea on Thursday.

One of my favorite things... is going out and seeing my kids behaving with manners and respect- to the point of making people smile!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... school and school schedule 'touch ups' ;)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you

I am still working on it, and just uploaded this, the latest pictures :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

What I'm Working on

Here is an overview of the whole book.

As some of you know, I LOVE the books of Susan Branch. I first 'met' her through Elizabeth Foss, who was inspired enough to use her artwork as a muse for the Foss Family Home Companion.
I later started getting the books, and have since been amply rewarded- as I love to read through them!

You've 'met' the first picture in the book ;)

When I decided a week or two ago to make an 'accordion fold book' to try out the sheet of Hot Press Watercolour Paper I had bought, I was not sure what to do with it. Eventually I jumped in and started painting some of the things I was seeing. I was hooked.

Fresh tomatoes from the garden :)

I loved the way the hot press worked, AND I loved the simplicity and ease of the accordion fold book- it is not really a travelling book. I suspect you'd be dropping it all over and messing it up.

This was kind of a guess- because I didn't have one to draw ;)

But as a themed book, it is PERFECT. Because that is what I decided to do. Theme the book. I called it 'Summer' and started drawing and painting 'summer' themes. I added in quotes (if you google 'summer quotes' you'll find plenty!) and poems. Some I knew, others I googled.

These little tomatoes came from the Farmer's market. They are the little 'pear' ones.

Then I re-read Susan Branch's Summer and Autumn books. What a treasure trove of delights! I was inspired to try the bordered look... including the checquered effect. I messed around with lettering and adding in the quotes. HER book, inspired MY little summer book, and what fun I am having doing it!

Our lovely pitcher was empty, but I do use it for that Southern beverage, 'Sweet Tea'.

If you have never read her books, definitely try them!

Yes, I grew the pepper AND the carrots :) Our rabbit LOVES the greens, which is why they are not in the picture LOL.

If you enjoy her, you might also like these author artists:
Tasha Tudor
Beatrix Potter
Cicely Mary Barker
Sharon Lovejoy
Edith Holden

The scanner cut half of the border vine off, but never mind!

Yes, some of them are indeed children's artists. I see no reason why we can't enjoy them too! You can see more artists in my sidebar!

Eventually a recipe for squash pudding will go in the space here. It's hidden away somewhere! Our neighbour gave us the butternut squash- he grew it. He started a garden after seeing mine for the past few years :D

The spoon turned out really well, the bowl I had issues with the shadow INSIDE it. I had a little too much fun with the reflections too LOL.

Present from my Summer Swap partner :) You might remember that I painted a picture of what I sent her (and painting some of THOSE things that were actually sent ;)). There were more things in the packet, perhaps I'll paint those later. I really loved the vintage effect that came out in this picture! This and the squash are my favourite pictures in the book.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Artwork

Just thought I'd post my latest stuff... there is more hanging around, but I haven't scanned it ;)

My first piece on hot pressed paper. I bought a sheet to trial it for journal making purposes :)

This one was a piece I designed for the header for my Learning Notes blog :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Learning Notes

I created a blog for our learning notes today. It's just a place where I can record our homeschool stuff- all the fun activities and art will remain here, the day to day records will go there.

If you are interested, you can hop along to Lighting a Fire, where I have posted my schedules for school this year :) Everything remains subject to change of course, but this is the plan!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Remembering Tasha

For those of you who don't know, Tasha Tudor died in June. In Memoriam, Cay Gibson and the ladies over at Author Fiesta, have made Tasha their current author. Tasha was a talented artist and author, and a very interesting person.

The ladies of Author Fiesta then decided to have a 'Tasha Tudor Rememberance Day', inspired by Clarice (of Storybook Woods). This will take place on the 28th August :)
We have been told to spread the news, and I hope you will join in the celebration of an amazing woman :)

Thanks to Clarice of Storybook Woods for the banner and sidebar button :)


This is great news for all the Serendipity fans out there... check it out!!

Daybook for Monday 11th August

To get the rest of the daybook entries, don't forget to visit Peggy over at the Simple Woman.

For Today...

Outside my Window
... it is a cool day, with hinst of autumn to come. It's a false hint though because autumn will not arrive here for another month and a half!

I am thinking... about all of the planning I need to do for school. M'Lady will be starting a Pre-K/K program this year- primarily because she has been begging to start school!

I am thankful for... God's own fireworks. We watched last night as a spectacular lightening display light up a large cloud. Rebel was entertained for ages :)

From the kitchen... Honey Chicken breasts with fresh vegetables. I love fresh veggies this time of year!

I am wearing... white skirt with black sleeveless T-shirt. My hair is clipped back in French twist, but I have let the top fall over in a ponytail look.

I am reading... Country Living Magazine. I just finished the latest Country Living UK Edition, and I have another book lined up for later.

I am hoping... to finish school planning this week, and to get a conversation going about a boys 'skills' education.

I am hearing... M'Lady talking and the radio.

Around the house... Laundry, (isn't there always laundry), boxes and craft supplies.

One of my favorite things... is a cool start to the day. I just like it when I go out and it is fresh and cool.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... school planning... the first couple of weeks :)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you

My First Fig. It suffered the same fate as most of our fruit... something pulled it off the tree before it was ripe :( I wish I knew what did this and why!!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Art Journal or Nature Journal?

Perhaps you might see it as a hard choice. Should I keep an art journal, or a nature journal? But the truth is, that I find they both co-mingle and co-exist beautifully in the same journal. Needless to say, I am sure that I could convince myself to create another journal to use for NATURE art only, but then my journals would not be half so interesting :)

The trial at ink and wash of the tree. I still say that the texture is missing. I am thinking this is really just an ink project ;)

A dead dragonfly. You can always tell a homeschooler or artist because these things end up in the house in a box waiting. This one was waiting for DD and myself to draw/paint, obviously :) It now lives in DD's nature box... which you can see in this post.

And a detail shot of the dragonfly picture without all the text:

Monday, August 04, 2008

Picture Time!

I have been rather sporadic in uploading my pictures from the last week or so. Admittedly, it was because I took a little time away from the computer to read and play with my new iPod games ;)
But I WAS drawing every day :) That makes it now three solid months of daily drawing!!

An Orange Sulfur Butterfly. I saw this one from the car and memorized it to draw at home. I managed to later identify it, BECAUSE of the drawing :) Trying to memorize it for the drawing meant I paid MUCH more attention to details ;)

I changed the Tree 3 Picture a little too, darkening the background a bit. I feel a little better about the picture, but think the main problem is the smooth bark of the tree. Needs more texture...

So I took the tree a step or two further and drew the whole path :)

Complete with my family in the distance- this is a good reason to bring along the camera (else you'll be left behind trying to draw something), which luckily I did- and used it as reference for this picture!!

When you see a Starbucks on every corner, you will never want for a subject to draw!

This time I was lucky enough to have people to draw too.

My iPod touch is my favourite non-art toy. I use it to listen to music, play podcasts, watch You Tube AND to read email. I just upgraded it to allow for games- which is a lot of fun :)

Then I got myself a new ART toy... a watercolour graphite pencil. It looked and felt just like a black watercolour pencil to me, but I enjoy dragging it around for interesting effects. This was my test subject, an old house at Gaines Mill battlefield. It is not far from my hollow tree and my photos taken the other day were my reference.

With a budding meteorologist for a son, we were made to observe the clouds. He spotted this mammatus, and in the camera's absence, I drew it for posterity.

They quickly faded away, and all that remained was my journal entry. Then just a few minutes later, a spectacular sunset came along.

The lower clouds were silhouetted against the orange sky, and the orange was framed by a flat bottomed cloud above.

Another new toy... some dip pens. I want to take advantage of the ability to draw with watercolours. I spent ages playing with my toys, then drew them ;)

And I tried writing with them. I felt quite like a Victorian heroine, dipping my ink every two minutes ;)