Friday, June 27, 2008

Learning Curves

I was thrilled the other week, when one of my favourite artist/authors, Cathy (Kate) Johnson announced she had a new Ink & Wash Slide-Show Workshop on CD. Immediately I ordered it, for I have long been an admirer of the ink and wash technique :)

It arrived fast, and was in my possession just a few days later, and I watched it immediately! What fun...

So this week, I finally put it all into practise. Sort of.

We were out, and I had yet to do my daily drawing. I blame Julie Oakley... Kate mentioned her on the CD, and I was hooked into her old One Mile from Home blog ;) rather than drawing! So when we went to the grocery store to pick up some conditioner, I drew it. I forgot, however, to draw a little faster and I attempted to finish it as we drove away. And I messed up completely on that part- the lower right hand corner. I could not get it right- and later I messed it up even WORSE than it had been, so I decided to just leave it and learn.

Lesson Learned: Do not attempt to finish an intricate piece of architecture or anything else that might be intricate from memory. Leave the picture unfinished... no-one else cares!!!!

Another lesson I should have learned from Julie, is the art of leaving a picture unfinished when necessary!

I am still rather pleased with the wash though, and I love Kate's CD- which I highly recommend for those out there who are interested :) She has several others at her Cafe Press site, including watercolour and sketching CDs, and a couple of CD versions of her books- updated and with new information. I have several of her artist books, which are great and well worth looking at too!


  1. I'm SO glad you got the CD and that you're enjoying it. Looks to me as if you're really putting it to good use, too! I like the wonderful building...

  2. I love this! Clean and atmospheric...

    And I'm so glad you're enjoying the CD...

  3. ooops, looks like I had two versions of your blog open, and forgot I'd commented already, there--thought I'd answered on EDM!

    ...well, now you'll have three from me, unless you delete, which you're welcome to! I need MORE COFFEEEEEeeee... ;-)

  4. Hehehe... actually, I enjoyed it ;) I like comments- the more the merrier :p

  5. You've done a fantastic job on this! I find architecture to be a difficult subject to draw, you apparently have a knack for it!!

  6. If you had not complained I would never have noticed - it is very nice I think it is lovely

  7. I think it's lovely too!
    Now I want to order that cd as well. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Beautiful job...looks like the disk is working for you!

  9. Rachel, you are really talented. I'm so impressed that you have developed the habit of drawing so regularly. I absolutely love coming her and scrolling through your artwork!!


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