Thursday, June 26, 2008

More Artwork

Eventually I will have a few blogs about other things in my life. Like the kids and schoolwork ;) Or a couple of books I want to share :) In the meantime, here are two more journal pieces.

This first one is in memoriam of Tasha Tudor, who died last week (June 18th) at the advanced age of 92.

She was a wonderful artist, and I have mentioned before how she inspired me :) I am not sure I would want to live as she did, but I certainly understand the lure of the time period she chose :) I found an image of her online that I liked (I think it was from one of the books about her because I vaguely recognised it), and used that for this entry.

This was drawn yesterday at the park. I took the kids there for nature club (all afternoon), and drew this while they played in the creek. They were both exhausted by the end of the day (not to mention soaked... thank goodness the hot weather dried them so fast!). I remembered that 'Draw a Bridge' was a recent EDM challenge, so I did...

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