Tuesday, June 24, 2008

C'est Moi...

Yes, I have been off the blog for the last couple of weeks. OK, one of those we had Rebel's evaluation. The other couple I was just being lazy ;) And reading for the summer reading program at the library!

I just uploaded REAMS of pictures I have done. Well... maybe not REAMS precisely... ;)

And here you go :)

Periwinkle... Vinca major

Easter Lily

Things out and about

Nature sights.


Sights from the garden

Drawing a sunset from memory (I shared the photo before ;))

Daily art journaling can also include the news... :)

Smoky evening air... from wildfires in North Carolina... a whole state away!

More daily sights...

and journal entries.

Daily art journaling can include things found in a handbag... or food!

Daily art journaling can include pictures of the books you read...

Or those artist's friends... your hands and feet :)

Catmint close-up.

Daily art journaling can also include pictures of things you get or see...

...Like my new pigma pen, bone folder and the weird, bald cardinal.

Or perhaps just things you see in the garden whilst spending a day out there ;)

Daily art journaling might instead include tips for making sketchbooks :)

My artwork this month has been inspired by a couple of fellow Everyday Matters artists... but two really HUGE contributers were Liz at Borromini Bear and John at John-A-Lookin.
But although I mention them specifically (Liz for the illuminated letters/food and John for the mower/colour ;)), there are some wonderful people over at the group who are constantly inspiring to me and giving me ideas. I have a few in my sidebar, and I think a few more will make their way there soon ;)


  1. Awesome sketches. My 14 yr. old, son is enjoying your blog also. He's very artistic and has enjoyed seeing your work.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow you have a lot of awesome artwork

  3. Fantastic work! I was having the kids draw from nature today and then turn their drawings into fairies. I sketched right along with them this time. I think I may shift my art class to sketching next year, since it is more my forte. (It was originally a watercolor class)

    Peace and Laughter!


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