Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What to do with a Disruptive 3 year old

Maybe that should really read "What should I do with a disruptive 3 year old?".

If the truth is told, she is really not that disruptive. She can be loud. And yes, she does play with Rebel's toys, but she should not be the cause of Rebel being unable to do his schoolwork, and yet, she IS. I mean, how distracting is reading the yellow pages?
Not very, but Rebel really finds anything she does distracting!
So off to the bookstore and home library I went. In search of my Montessori books. I love Montessori for preschoolers. They have so many different activities that we can do with them. I made a few for M'Lady... I have beads to string, small shape puzzles, items to sort... but apparently good old fashioned Cuisinaire Rods are great for sorting ;)

Then there was the Target $1 spot. Definitely worth looking at, although I can tell you that it must have been picked over because mine had no small globes :(
Oh well... I will keep you posted on my search for entertaining activities for small children!

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