Friday, August 17, 2007

Distractions, Distractions...

In order to prevent this:

From distracting Rebel, I set M'Lady to this:

Do you think Swiffers might come in child sizes?

In case you are wondering, the jar of water is Rebel's design of "Making a Tornado" with a spoon to create a mini-whirlpool in the jar. Apparently this fascinating thing is enough to occupy two kids an entire morning... and M'Lady for TWO entire mornings. Shame it makes so much racket...


  1. I have one that is a snap together Swiffer, and all the fittings are the same size, meaning it can be shortened to be child-sized. I used to have the kind that screws together, and that might be the same way. Is that the kind you have? Try removing a portion...

  2. It is indeed a snap together swiffer... and try as I might, the stupid thing would not budge when I went to take it apart. Instead, DD decided to stand there wriggling and jumping in anticipation, and I gave in :)


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