Monday, August 27, 2007

Homemade Toys

While my husband worked on the yard work this weekend, I was busy inside with my sewing machine, and some fabric I had left lying around.
And I made this:

Our very own doorway theatre only, not from Magic Cabin!
You can also see the puppets in action... No, I did not make the rabbit. My parents sent that one to me from England.
The other one, (which my husband tells me bears an unfortunate resemblance to Boy George), I made for M'Lady.
I had the intention of taking my time making it, but someone decided she could not sleep without the darned thing, so I stayed up really late making this puppet, and rushed it too much! Oh well, maybe next time.
AS to the puppet theatre, well, it is merely rectangles. ALL of it. Sewn into tubes to make it reversible so Rebel might have a less pink side to use ;) There are dowels placed through it at the top to hold it, and 1/2 way up to keep it straight. It hangs in the doorway readily whenever needed, or folds up in a VERY small bundle to be placed away in a corner when not needed!


  1. I love your theater. I am in the process of planning one out now.

  2. I love this idea... I'd been toying with doing something like this for our friends with kids at their Christmas present:-)

    I don't think this has been included in the Toymaking Fairs as yet? Would you mind if I included it in November?

  3. Fe,

    I think Alice had it in the very first one, BUT I believe I may have a post for the November fair coming up :) (You can link it if you still want to ;))

  4. *grin*

    That's why I asked... I was surprised that I couldn't find it! I figured that really it was me failing to read the appropriate bit of the fair carefully enough!

    If you do have another post for November, that would be great:-)


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