Friday, August 24, 2007

Making the Toys

It seems odd that this would come up now... after all, I am involved in a foray into the Waldorfian world... which includes toymaking. But there we are, all scared to death over these recalls from toy manufacturers with toys made in China, and everyone worrying... and quite frankly I am fed up of it all.
So far I have not appreciated the quality of toys from China. The have a tendency to lose paint and parts like nobody's business.
And I told my husband the other day, that I'd had enough. One or two toys, of GOOD quality, is more than sufficient, I said. Our kids can have some of those.
Then I saw this post by Alice Cantrell. And I notice that she is holding a handmade toy fair at her blog too.
Put the word out... Christmas gift ideas are on their way!

Meanwhile, my kids are occupied in making Alice's spoon saints. In our case, they are puppets, but the same rules apply ;)

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