Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It is that time of year again

It seems that those who are not yet back to school are busy planning, while those who are back, are trying to figure out their 'new stuff'.
And then there was the 4Real Learning Conference which I was not able to attend... but lucky me, Dawn, Meredith and Jennifer have ALL put their talks online THANK YOU ladies!
I of course, am no exception to the planning rule! AND I also promised you an update.

Last week, some of our new curriculum came in... and it has definitely been a hit. While Rebel was thus occupied with school work (some of which required much Mother-Input), M'lady was working on a few things.

Ever ready to learn, we started on a pouring exercise. Yes, I know the measuring jug is large, but it is what we had to work with!

She did not seem to mind very much!

And while Rebel was working on his Tornado project...
M'Lady could be found, sorting some glittery pom-poms into an egg carton. Apparently this was a fascinating task. She took her time playing with it.
And then, when all else fails, my ultimate occupying the little one suggestion is.... (wait for it)...

BATHTIME!!! This never fails to work... EVER. She will sit in the bath and occupy herself for a VERY LONG TIME. It's all good...

In the meantime, Rebel, who is supposed to be cleaning up his mess, is instead...
DISTRACTED by the mess. There in the hallway, he suddenly decides that he can't wait to read the book he just pulled off of his shelf.

And like I said, so many others are planning too...
Elizabeth shares and inspirational photo.
Katherine shares one of the most beautiful learning rooms I have ever seen.... and if you enjoyed that, then perhaps you'd also like a sneak peek at Elizabeth's room too!
Theresa shares her math centres, and her three part card holders.
Dawn, that planning maven, has her plans and themes for September up.
Kristine allows us to peak at her notebooks while Jennifer shares her first day back.
Dy shares how her new school year is going!
Since Kim is hosting the Loveliness of Back to School carnival, I'll leave it there so you can check in with her next week and see what everyone else is doing!

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