Friday, August 24, 2007

More on the planner

People want to know where I got the pages.
I started out with pages from Donna Young and initially I used the monthly block calendars from there. Unfortunately no-one had my weekly pages, so I made them up myself.
Then I decided to make a block page too so I just had the one file to print from, and since it is a word doc, you can alter the dates ;)
It was a fiddly process. I used word to make tables in the document, and then used one of my favourite fonts (Vivaldi) to write the days and dates.

If I were to make a recommendation, I would suggest that you print out your own weekly calendar (you can get my version as a blank week spread here... word doc file and PDF file here), and use the Donna Young month. Print everything double sided (i.e. print 4 copies of my weekly one, then one month block).
Make a pretty cover and spiral bind.

P.S. I hasten to add the little pictures were downloaded from Catholic Culture and cut and pasted in the old fashioned way ;)


  1. thanks for the link to that weekly download!

  2. The links are no longer working. I just came across your lovely blog this week and hope I can still access your planner pages! Help!

  3. Unfortunately the downloads tend to expire after being inactive for a while! I just re-uploaded to this page, try that :)

  4. Thank you SO much!


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