Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some Older Work

Well, not THAT old. But a few weeks :) I realised I had missed scanning some of these! Above I was trying to draw my nephew in colour- I found it rather inspirational, it made me want to do more portraits ;) (Which I have done, you'll see later).

After the last snow, we wandered around the neighbourhood to see how bad the roads were. I took my camera, and snapped shots as we walked, and later painted one of the scenes I had enjoyed :)

Recently, I decided to concentrate a little more on my pencils. This is from a sketch made with them- a snowy backyard scene. I admit, I was wishing for some spring colour, but the closest I got was the little wren that landed on top of the arbour. It flew off before I got the details down, but I added it anyway :)

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