Monday, February 22, 2010

More Coloured Pencil

So keeping the theme of sketching in coloured pencil, I start trying... The car wash below was on the spot, in the dark, and unfinished by the time we left. The little booklight above it- was my answer to trying to finish the picture in the dark- I can clip the light to my book and finish it while the memory is fresh :)

Sunday, was warm and I had the opportunity to sketch en plein air in the front garden. The paperbark birch was my subject, and I faced the challenge of trying to render the paperbark in coloured pencils. I think I need to work on my technique some more :)

The mockingbird was added after it stopped by for a visit, briefly :)


  1. Love that tree. I think you have caught it just right.

  2. Ooooh I love that lil bird! :) Your colors on colored papers are awesome. I have yet to find the courage to try that. But yesterday a guy I just met who saw my drawing was telling me that I should go for it...go for colors ^^ I am pondering still. Thanks for your belated wish, and thanks for your comment ^^

  3. Thank you both :)
    Alex, you SHOULD go for it- it is a lot of fun :)


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