Friday, February 19, 2010

Sketching in Coloured Pencil

Since I decided to focus mainly on coloured pencil for the next while, it means that my on site sketching needs to be done in coloured pencil as well.

This sketch was done on site with a small kit I carry in my bag. Sunsets are notorious for changing quickly, so I had to do a rapid up-and-down scribble to lay in the colours after I had completed the silhouettes- which I drew first because I needed to be able to see them ;)

It is always difficult to decide just which pencils will go with me. I have a pencil case I stole from my son (he never used it) with sketching pencils and some watercolour pencils in it. And I have a little tin with some pencil stumps in it. I also added a pencil holder, an eraser and a pencil sharpener ;) Any coloured pencil that is kind of small, gets put into my box. When they become too small for that, they'll probably be glued to the end of a new pencil, but for now they stay in the tin.

The tin is slightly larger than an Altoids box- which I tried at first. Some of my longer stumps couldn't fit, and I wanted those colours ;) I had found these Disney themed tins at Target a while back, and this one I finally found a good use for!
It is very useful- the box is compact and discrete, allowing itself to be held in one hand- the lid fits comfortably under the tin too. So far, I am very happy with it :)


  1. Lovely colored pencil sketches!

  2. I like the sketches very much,
    Happy to find jour blog!

  3. Beautiful sketches,and I'm glad to find your blog!


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