Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Monthly Sketch Project: Feb 2010

Monthly Sketch Project: Feb 2010
Originally uploaded by Spinneretta

Picture 1 from the monthly sketch project. Had to adjust slightly in my photo editor- for some reason greens just don't like scanning well!!

From a photo by Chrissy.


  1. I've noticed that too when I scan. I usually try to take digital photos in natural sunlight. I've also noticed the full spectrum lightbulbs we use cause my pencil sketches to take on a pink hue when I photograph them.

    Maybe the scanner light does something to the green?

    Lovely drawing!
    Peace and Laughter!

  2. i have a little trouble scanning greens and light blues, too. This is a really great sketch!

  3. Lovely sketch and it has such a summery feel to it :)


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