Monday, February 08, 2010


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I am planning a series of pictures of birds at our feeder in the snow... this is the second bird- the cardinal was below the feeder and I wondered how the coloured paper would take the white.
Not so thrilled with the white aspect, but I am quite pleased with the Cardinal :)
He will be going to England on my sister's birthday card :)
I dont think I will be using this paper much though, the texture was just a little rougher than I liked- I preferred the effect from the matboard :)


  1. This is so nice, I love seeing the cardinals all puffed out in winter. I really like Mocha below too- missed that one. What kind of matboard are you using? It does look great with coloursofts, I like the texture.

  2. Thank you Ann. The matboard is something I picked up ages ago to frame something- this was left over, so unfortunately all I can tell you is it was a weird ochre colour and came from Michaels LOL. Oh well


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