Sunday, September 07, 2008

Plein Aire fun!

So yesterday I revisited my little jug/pitcher. I wanted to see if I had improved since drawing it last in May. I HAVE become more skilled... but I am not quite there yet :) I did better with the shape last time, but I think better with the paint this time. I have gotten a LOT better at handling light, but I still need practise :)



The today, we spent a lot of time outside. We watched the air-force jets do a couple of flybys, a helicopter dragging a 'Juicy Fruit' sign and two other helicopters fly overhead. Can you tell the race is in town?
We watched caterpillars and butterflies, and investigated the rosehips. Or I did! I am seriously thinking of making them into rosehip jam!

Then I asked M'Lady if she wanted me to draw her. She told me yes, and I tried... but she just kept wriggling! Finally I gave up and told her I can't draw her now, I'll draw her later while she watched TV and didn't move.
"I'll have a tantrum if you don't draw me!" she told me, in all seriousness. Apparently it is not good enough for her if Rebel is in my moleskine and she isn't. After laughing at her, I distracted her with chatter while I drew her. That is HARD- talking and drawing is hard enough, but talking and drawing a moving target is REALLY hard. She actually looks pretty good I think :) You can see the real thing (not this picture, just another photo of her) over at my learning blog!

She is wearing one of her almost ever present hats :) This is the cowgirl one ;)


  1. You did a fantastic job drawing your daughter! Great portrait, she's beautiful (and the story is fun!). Great work with the pitcher too, and it's great to see the progress!

  2. Oh, the jug is much, much more skilled - the shape, the handling of paint and the quality of light. Brava!


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