Sunday, September 21, 2008

Daybook for Monday 22nd September

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For Today...

Outside my Window
... it's the first day of autumn, and it feels it. Although it is really NOT cold, it is so much cooler than the summer, that 70+ degrees feels kind of cold!

I am thinking... that we're running late this morning, and almost 9 year old boys who lie in bed don't help matters along...

I am thankful for... people who take the time out to produce something to help/teach others. Bloggers who write about their days- artists who create lessons on CD etc. These people really help those of us coming up behind them :)

From the learning rooms... I am hoping to get M'Lady's books that are on order, this week. I still need to make the atmosphere cards for geography and try to get science in this week.

From the kitchen... stuffing covered chicken dish. Maybe some bread too.

I am wearing... black pinestripe trousers, pink t-shirt. My hair is in a high ponytail- I had originally planned on a French braid, but like I said- we're running late!

I am reading... a couple of novels and a couple of painting books... you can see a few reviews from last week in other posts on the blog :)

I am hoping... that Rebel's birthday present arrives before his birthday tomorrow!

I am hearing... the radio and the squeaky dryer.

Around the house... I am thinking of doing some autumn decorating! I have a small pumpkin and squash set up...

One of my favorite things... is mastering a new skill. I hope I can master these watercolour pencils ;)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... make Rebel a birthday pie. Apparently he doesn't want cake! Still wanting to do the daily walk- AND now I am in the middle of lessons for watercolour pencils :) My Cathy Johnson 'Watercolor Pencil Workshop' CD arrived last week ;)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you

Apparently swallowtails like carrots too! But then, you can see from the leaves that they are in the parsley family :)


  1. Starr gave me the Arte y Pico award and I'm passing it on to you. You'll have to go to my blog to receive it. I'm amazed by how much you do and how well.

  2. A fun entry...and an amazing photograph! :)Wow!

  3. I do wonder how you do all you do. You always seem to be on to interesting things! You make me feel like a slug! LOL

  4. Wow, it is so exciting to observe caterpillars!

    By the way, thanks for telling me about the species of the tree at my blog.


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