Monday, September 15, 2008

Daybook for Monday 15th September

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For Today...

Outside my Window
... HOT and humid. The last couple of days have been in the 90s and today is supposed to be that way too!

I am thinking... that next time we plan to be outside on a 90+ degree day, I really should wear sunblock. I hate being sunburned!

I am thankful for... miniature golf! Jacobite's cousin took us to a miniature golf course run by his nephew. The kids had a great time!

From the learning rooms... The new tweaks worked! The plan is looking really good now :) Rebel loves the poetry, M'Lady loves the fine arts :) You can read about those on the learning notes :)

From the kitchen... baked chicken for dinner :)

I am wearing... white skirt and turquoise t-shirt. My hair is drying in a base of the neck ponytail.

I am reading... A Yearbook of Feasts and Seasons, Men of Mathematics. I finished Haystack and will post a review later!

I am hoping... the kids finish with the rabbit SOON!

I am hearing... Music on the radio (we keep the classical station on) and the dryer squeaking. The kids are outside.

Around the house... LOTS of laundry (I have an extra load because I bought a new set of napkins and placemats on sale).

One of my favorite things... is candlelight evening with DH. OK so it wasn't planned (the power went out) BUT I also love love love battery operated DVD players (the mini ones). It meant we finished out show while the power was out ;)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... I still want to start regular before school walks! I have to add in two extra drawings (I took off two days because my hand was hurting) and I need to get M'Lady some new paints too :)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you

Milkweed pods are beginning to burst!


  1. Lovely photo! I'm trying not to be jealous of your hot weather. At the moment I could even live with humid just to get some warmth!

  2. Hi, Spinaretta! I want to hear more about the Yearbook of Feasts and Seasons. Have you talked about it on the blog? (I know, I should just do a blog search.) It sounds interesting. If you haven't done a review or blogged about it, I hope you'll consider it! Have a lovely week!

  3. Kerry- I haven't reviewed it yet, but I plan on doing so :) It's actually rather nice :) My aim is to finish it this week and review it here then :D

  4. Bookworm- I don't mind it in the 80's, but the 90's are pretty hard to deal with!! The humidity has been really horrendous here, 92 degrees felt like 102 degrees! That being said, I am sure many Virginians feel like they'd rather have autumnal weather :)
    Mum says you've been having horrible weather (I am originally from Bedfordshire ;)), so I sympathise. I'll try to share a little heat with you :D

  5. Our weather is unusually cool for Texas..funny that you should be that warm!

  6. I love the photo :) Thanks for sharing your daybook I enjoyed reading it.

    My Daybook


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