Friday, September 05, 2008


I was excited to see in my blogger dashboard the other day, the new 'followers' feature they were recommending.
I was a little disappointed to see that I had yet to get it, but resigned to the idea that it might take a while.
So I was VERY happy to see it this morning as I logged on. I've added the widget to my sidebar, so should you want to follow me you can just click it ;)
Otherwise, it's a feature that works with Google Reader and you can add me to your list there too ;)

Now... if they have a widget to add the blogs I am following to my blog... :)


  1. You can do that with the new widget, "Blog List". I have it in my left side bar at Graceful Girlhood now. It makes keeping up with updates so much easier and I usually keep my blog up all the time in the background when I'm on the computer. I tried Google Reader but it messed with our system so I had to delete it. :0(
    The "Followers" widget you mentioned is still coming up experimental for me?


  2. Yes, I have a few blog lists on my Schooling blog- I love those :)
    The follower thing is still being circulated out, so who knows when people will get it :)


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