Thursday, September 04, 2008

Kindred Spirits

The lovely Kim over at Graceful Girlhood, has given me this award- for which I am very grateful!! And so I now pass it on to others.

The Rules are:
1. Copy and save the graphic above, and then share it with a friend or friends :)
2. Write a blog post about the award and who you awarded it too.
3. Link back to the original post.
4. Leave a comment on the original post, and let Kim know who you awarded, and don't forget to tell your recipient(s) ;)
5. Check back to see the circle of kindred spirits :)

I thought I might like to award this to a few people... of course there is KIM, whom I will mention- we have enjoyed getting to know each other recently, and you can see the story on the original post at her blog! As for throwing sheep and Michelle Obama... well you'll have to join Facebook to get that ;)

DEE, whom I have known for years now :) along with JILL, and DANA... along with some other friends, we met on a group for homeschoolers (well Jill and Dee and I did) about 5 years ago. Then about 4 years ago, we started a group for homeschooling mothers, and Dana joined. We have been friends ever since, despite spats and disagreements, we always pull through :) These three ladies are very inspiring (as are the other friends in our group- they just don't blog as often), and have given me countless ideas over the years :)

Cristina is a homeschooling artist- she writes and draws the homeschooling comic strips you can see on her blog. I started talking and commenting on her blog a while back, after finding her through one of the blog carnivals. Her work inspired me to pick up my pencils again, and start drawing once more! Her thoughts on homeschooling, reflected in her strips, often adjoin mine... making those strips all the funnier!

Ann, who is another homeschooling artist :) I met her just recently through one of my art groups. Her work is inspiring, and she is a lovely lady who gives great moral support to other artists. Her ability with pastels and pencils is amazing!

I wanted to share the award with several friends, because I want it to spread FAR and wide :) 'Kindred Spirits' come in all shapes and sizes... some are old friends, some are new! The internet has made it much easier to open the horizons and meet your kindred spirits from far away! I have been hugely blessed with internet relationships- I met my husband online even!


  1. *smile* I'm so glad you picked up your pencils again. The world would be poorer without your artwork. Thank you for the award!

    I was wondering if you could send me a link for the picture of the pine needle fort. I tried to find it, but my eyes are a bit tired from this virus, so I think I missed it. I would love to see it! (Your garden is beautiful btw)

    Peace and Laughter,

  2. Thank you dear friend!! Knowing you is a blessing and priviledge. When I have use of my right hand again I'll pass this on.

  3. Thank you for the award! That is very sweet of you :)


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