Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What's going on in Our Homeschool

School has been temperamental recently... there were birthdays, and this past week has been a week of me getting used to contact lenses (YAHY) and trying to fix my blog. Not such a bad thing because Rebel has been reading some of the Horrible Histories books by Terry Deary, although Asterix did sneak in there a bit (he's fantastic for those learning Latin BTW), and we did listen to a couple of Columbus Day shows, one from Homeschool Radio Shows (great site) and the other from You Need a Story (also great!).
There were a couple of parcels from my Mum with some books in (mathematics and English amongst others... the kids have enjoyed these), including some of the aforementioned Horrible Histories. The kids worked some on the books.
Then there was the outdoor time, the library book reading, and the expressed interest in Mars mentioned (Lego Mars Mission was rebel's birthday present) on top of it all.
Finally, we are loosly working with Katherine and Elizabeth over at Serendipity. That is definitely worth a look!

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